What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a solution for the creation of better inventories. It transforms unknowns into quantitative data to enable better decision making, more effective resources allocation, access and management of your items, and planning and strategizing.

The Catalyst Process

Step 1

The Imaging Manager maps out storage locations and prepares for the imaging process

Step 2

The Imagers photograph all facets of an item and any supplemental materials containing metadata

Step 3

The Imaging Manager collects and organizes the images and uploads them to Catalyst

Step 4

The Transcription Manager establishes the data model and prepares for the description process

Step 5

The Transcribers create metadata from the images of items and supplemental materials

Step 6

Quality control is performed and images and data are made available for search, management, and exporting

Other Catalyst Highlights

– Enables effective resource allocation and optimization of expertise
– Browser-based application
– Immediate accounting, reporting, and feedback loop
– Controlled data entry
– Easily customized metadata
– Enables distributed workforce
– Ability to perform quality control
– Significantly decreases need to pull physical items out of storage
– Can be hosted by AVP or deployed locally
– Exporting of all images and metadata
– Supports granular control over permissions
– Sophisticated search and faceted browsing