Managed Service Details

In the Managed Service package, AVP provides a management team to oversee client-provided staff who perform the imaging and description activities. Staffing numbers, skills, and schedules must conform to AVP specifications.

Service 1: Imaging
The AVP Imaging Manager comes onsite to investigate the spaces containing the holdings being imaged, develops plans for the best approach to efficiently photograph the collection, maps out the space, prints barcodes, and prepares the imaging workstations. Following this, the Imaging Manager trains the client’s onsite imaging team in the care, handling, and photographing of archival audiovisual materials. Once the imaging team is trained, the Imaging Manager will manage them in fulfillment of imaging activities.

The client is responsible for providing access to all storage spaces and to provide adequate working space. Variables that may impact the level of effort required may include the number of storage spaces, distance between storage spaces, accessibility of items being imaged, and schedules of client-provided staff.


Service 2: Transcription
After working with the client to establish a data model, the AVP Transcription Manager oversees a transcription team, hired by the client, in the fulfillment of description services. This begins with the Transcription Manager walking the cataloging team through the data model, and other protocols and methods to aid in accurate and consistent description. Following this, the Transcription Manager oversees the ongoing work of the transcription team, holding regular team meetings, offering guidance, updating project documentation, and monitoring data quality. After the initial training period, the Transcription Manger works for 40 hours the first week, 30 hours the second week and 20 hours per week thereafter. The Transcription Manager may work on-site, off-site or some combination of the two.

Variables that may impact the level of effort required may include the number of fields, types of fields, amount of data being captured, legibility of text being transcribed, and schedules of client-provided staff.

Client-provided staff will not be employees or contractors of AVP. The client is the employer and is therefore responsible for ensuring that staff act in accordance with client policies and norms, and in support of successful completion of the project. The client agrees to resolve any personnel issues brought to the attention of the client by AVP. Failure to do so may impact outcomes and project costs.


Service 3: Hosting
This package includes hosting of images and metadata for 12 months from project beginning and technical support for hosting services.